Chat sessions AKA brainstorms

Released information from various stages of VSB's development.
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Chat sessions AKA brainstorms

Post by olzen » Sat Apr 05, 2003 10:08 am

A little while ago, Kain, Waffler and myself had a little chat where we got many cool ideas. I'll save every good chat session and post them here from now on.
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.

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Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
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Post by olzen » Sat Apr 05, 2003 10:20 am

WafflerSam: well, okay, but besides the main villain, some other integral character of SQ should die...
FredOlzn: but i was talking with Kain about Quirk's revenge
WafflerSam: oh, really?
FredOlzn: let's say he reacted to Detanon. he falls into a pool of Detanon...
FredOlzn: and becomes this heavily mutated Quirkblob
FredOlzn: a shapeshifting slimy creature with Quirks wits
WafflerSam: hmmm, another Quirkblob?
FredOlzn: not like the last one
FredOlzn: not so big, just a shapeshifting freak with Quirks skills and such
WafflerSam: ohh
vsbkainenable: well he was a blob before..
WafflerSam: is there a substance that Detanon should fall apart at the hands of?
WafflerSam: like plutonium?
FredOlzn: maybe
vsbkainenable: ok why do roger and bea go to Radon in the first place?
WafflerSam: an Apeman at the pie-ery who tried to kill them told them about Vohaul and where he was located
vsbkainenable: but why are they going there?
FredOlzn: due to the painful "banana-torture"
FredOlzn: well, Roger can't seem to let Vohaul alone
FredOlzn: on the other hand, where there's Vohaul, there's trouble.
vsbkainenable: well there should be a reason...
WafflerSam: exactly
vsbkainenable: otherwise why not just call starcon to deal with it
WafflerSam: yeah, we should have some part in the intro where Roger contacts StarCon for help, but it seems they don't abide,
WafflerSam: so "It's up to me to save the world from danger of the evil Sludge Vohaul!"
FredOlzn: maybe
FredOlzn: "I'll have to alert StarCon about this!"
WafflerSam: Quirk could've jammed StarCon's frequencies (again)
vsbkainenable: all im saying s there should be a reason why they are heading to the planet
FredOlzn: you're right about that
vsbkainenable: other than vohaul might be there..
WafflerSam: oh, yes, that's a problem
FredOlzn: well, i think we should link it to StarCon
vsbkainenable: maybe the apmen could divulge the information about vohauls plan before they try and kill them..
FredOlzn: that would be too early. it's supposed to be a surprise
FredOlzn: "Vohaul Strikes Back" sounds like a personal vendetta, but it will be a clear threat to the universe
WafflerSam: hey, i have an idea about StarCon...
WafflerSam: that will make Vohaul pose a TRUE threat
FredOlzn: tell us already
WafflerSam: Roger tries to contact StarCon, then Vohaul and his gang use a Detanon bomb to destroy a StarCon flagship
WafflerSam: so they can't contact StarCon because it's, well, destroyed
vsbkainenable: ats not bad..
FredOlzn: if you saw the face of a StarCon general in the comm, and then he gets engulfed by a huge explosion
FredOlzn: then it gets cut-off
FredOlzn: we could also see the bombing sequence
FredOlzn: with a huge flagship, like the Imperial Starcruisers
vsbkainenable: i think that covers that..
vsbkainenable: well i think we shouldnt borrow to much from starwars..
WafflerSam: yeah, the flagship should be almost "genuine"
vsbkainenable: i mean we already used the title vohaul strikes bakc
FredOlzn: what about some hilarious "the dialed station is not available" line
vsbkainenable: thats cool..
FredOlzn: "the dialed station has been destroyed. please try again later!"
vsbkainenable: thats good... i like that one
WafflerSam: "The telemagnetic line to the station has been cut off due to Code #2791 - Frequency Warp. Please contact Sprint for more information."
vsbkainenable: when bea and roger land on the romantic planet are they married?
WafflerSam: they're just about to marry but they get ambushed
FredOlzn: well, waffler. you once said something about SQ7 being the marriage-game
vsbkainenable: ahh i see
WafflerSam: oh wait, yes they are married
WafflerSam: no, wait they aren't
vsbkainenable: what?
FredOlzn: DOES Roger get married in SQ7
WafflerSam: no, not exactly
FredOlzn: waffler used to work on SQ7
vsbkainenable: ahh
FredOlzn: so he would know that
WafflerSam: yeah, why don't I reveal the entire SQ7 script to you guys :-)
FredOlzn: we're trying to avoid paradoxes, and thus save BOTH fangames
vsbkainenable: i see..
vsbkainenable: although we should setup why they are there..
FredOlzn: they're on shore leave
WafflerSam: a pre-marriage date
FredOlzn: a break from adventuring
vsbkainenable: ahh ok..
vsbkainenable: so they arnt married...
FredOlzn: one thing leads to another, and the bea gets pregnant
vsbkainenable: just dating..
WafflerSam: yeah
vsbkainenable: ok.. i see
FredOlzn: if they don't get married in SQ7, naturally
WafflerSam: and Vohaul then captures Bea, then plots a rather nasty execution for her
WafflerSam: perhaps...
FredOlzn: of course, the entire sex-thing is an accident. roger would never be able to do such things on purpose ;-)
WafflerSam: ...pump her full of cyanide gas, expose her son and then destroy him :-)
FredOlzn: nah...
vsbkainenable: thats kinda graphic
FredOlzn: let's keep to the laser dissection
vsbkainenable: even for a space quest game
WafflerSam: too Goldfinger-ey
FredOlzn: you made it up
WafflerSam: yes, but i'm not satisfied with it
FredOlzn: if Bea is at the first stages of her pregnancy, vohaul can't actually see it
vsbkainenable: ya gotta be carefull when you murder unborn children... not alot of people would find that funny
WafflerSam: ok, why not strap her to a Detanon missile and blow her up with a targeted planet
FredOlzn: exactly. this is not "24". nobody dies in the end
vsbkainenable: that sounds better
FredOlzn: yes, it does
FredOlzn: i mean... in "24", the heroes wife AND unborn baby were both kill
FredOlzn: and i might add that i didn't laugh ;-)
vsbkainenable: never saw it
WafflerSam: well if you aborted a born baby it would be disgusting
FredOlzn: yeech...
WafflerSam: i'll modify the script with the new death procedure
vsbkainenable: lets just leave aborted fetus's out of the game
FredOlzn: but the Detanon missile thingy sounds good
WafflerSam: LOL Kain
vsbkainenable: just one other question..
FredOlzn: shoot
WafflerSam: bite
vsbkainenable: why is vohaul blowing up all these planets anywa?
vsbkainenable: i mean vohaul is evil but not insane
WafflerSam: uhmmm...
WafflerSam: well, okay. Vohaul's blowing up government buildings
vsbkainenable: to what end?
FredOlzn: well, vohaul is a genius, right? in his own diabolical way
WafflerSam: so he can conquer their planets and be Supreme Leader of All That Exists
WafflerSam: eventually the whole process would be finished at SQ12
FredOlzn: the border between geniosity and madness is so awfully small
FredOlzn: when you're a geniues, you're also psychotic
vsbkainenable: well...
FredOlzn: like Dennis Hopper in "Speed"
vsbkainenable: there should be a reason for it..
vsbkainenable: just like denniss hopper in speed, he was after money
FredOlzn: maybe there was a failure in the cyborg
FredOlzn: but he WAS rather psychotic, but also smart
WafflerSam: Okay, in SQ1 he was simply with a Sarien gang out for money and stealing flagships
WafflerSam: in SQ2 he wanted revenge
WafflerSam: in SQ4 he wanted true revenge
WafflerSam: and now in SQ7.5 he's going to blow up the world
WafflerSam: :-P
FredOlzn: TOTAL revenge!
vsbkainenable: hmm
WafflerSam: he should also seek immortality
FredOlzn: people will know the true potential of him
FredOlzn: nah
WafflerSam: if he doesn't have immortality, how will he live long enough?
WafflerSam: eventually his brain dies out...
vsbkainenable: well he is already immortal
WafflerSam: oh, that's right
FredOlzn: "The day they look at the sky and see the explosions, they will know that I am not just a crazy scientist! I'm SLUDGE VOHAUL!"
vsbkainenable: hes on a computer
FredOlzn: no, in a robot actually
WafflerSam: but the computer is also mortal, in a way
WafflerSam: it fluffs up and goes dead
FredOlzn: well, we're not talking Linux, here
vsbkainenable: well he could just upgrade hsi hardware every year..
WafflerSam: :-)
FredOlzn: :-P
vsbkainenable: esentially be forever
WafflerSam: wow, two simultaneous smileys
FredOlzn: yeah. impressive
vsbkainenable: which planet is he blowing up anyway
WafflerSam: does "every" ring a bell?
FredOlzn: probably Xenon for a start
WafflerSam: yeah, first Xenon
FredOlzn: but he could always ask for huge ransoms, and if they don't pay... BOOM!
WafflerSam: and then planets that have StarCon or strong army facilities on it
WafflerSam: Vohaul's not interested in extortion!
WafflerSam: he's overcome by a rage of revenge, remember?
FredOlzn: then what about leaving total control of the planet to him?
WafflerSam: he'd just swindle them!
vsbkainenable: i think it would be neat if he demanded a ludicrius amount of money too
FredOlzn: Xenon is the center of StarCon and all other army-stuff
vsbkainenable: just so it would be about both financial gain and refenge
FredOlzn: heh
vsbkainenable: err revenge
WafflerSam: yeah, he could take the money and then betray em
FredOlzn: which Wilco must prevent
WafflerSam: or he could use his own scientists to convert the army onto his side
vsbkainenable: we could do kind of a docter evil spoof
FredOlzn: yes
FredOlzn: heheheheh
WafflerSam: I didn't exactly "get" the Austin Powers plots
WafflerSam: "Mini-Me" was kind of funny, though
FredOlzn: "One million buckazoids!" "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" "sorry... one hundred zillion buckazoids!"
vsbkainenable: "look im just an narcessistic psycotic villian trying to making it in this crazy galaxy, are my demands really that high?"
FredOlzn: heheheh
WafflerSam: the death for Vohaul we planned out where he was malfunctioned with a virus was a bit too funny, in my opinion
vsbkainenable: ya know what might be foney...
WafflerSam: ok, i g2g, i'm late for school, we'll talk later
FredOlzn: we could need the ideas
vsbkainenable: if vohaul didnt die..
vsbkainenable: if he was just re-programmed to be really nice...
vsbkainenable: like rogers house maid or something
WafflerSam: and we just save him to a floppy disk, waiting for another sequel? <rolls eyes>
FredOlzn: hmmm...
vsbkainenable: somethign really degrading..
FredOlzn: we can discuss that later. i'll save this. bye
WafflerSam: bye
vsbkainenable: like cleaning out his toilets....
vsbkainenable: later

I've edited some of it out, but most of it is intact.
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.

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Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
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Post by olzen » Sun Apr 06, 2003 2:35 am

vsbkainenable: we were just talking about what everyone was going to be working on..
FredOlzn: i'll also add a Wolf3D joke to the script
WafflerSam: oh, Olzen ;-)
WafflerSam: we have two separate scripts, Kain, how will we clear things up anyway?
FredOlzn: the scientist that gives Vohaul life will be named Dr. Schnapps :-)
FredOlzn: a spoof on good ol' Dr. Schabbs
Two Thumbs Tea: hm?
WafflerSam: Olzn, not everyone here's played Wolfenstein 3D.
vsbkainenable: never heard of it..
WafflerSam: exactly! I mean, Olzen thinks up of the craziest things... ;-)
vsbkainenable: as long as its not saying "hey this is wolf3d stuff" its coo
FredOlzn: would "scheisse" be a too naughty word for the game?
WafflerSam: if it wasn't in the outtakes, it would be
vsbkainenable: awe hell no..
WafflerSam: yeah, who gives a damn?
FredOlzn: i'm trying to add some german words to Schnapps' vocabulary :-)
vsbkainenable: we can afford to be more riskey..
WafflerSam: Schnapps, btw, is a spoof off a German drink
Two Thumbs Tea: oh
FredOlzn: hic... ;-)
FredOlzn: nah, maybe he should say "Holy Eva Braun!"
vsbkainenable: although lets not borrow to much from other games/movies.. etc
WafflerSam: you're quite right, Kain
WafflerSam: this isn't Spoof Central
FredOlzn: if you say so
vsbkainenable: we want this one to stand well on its own
FredOlzn: i just liked all the spoof's of Monkey Island
WafflerSam: gotta toss that Sene Gimmons quote now :-D
FredOlzn: i never really liked it
FredOlzn: it would have to be more discrete
vsbkainenable: meh, just as long is thats not the whole game...
vsbkainenable: so is the plot almost finished?
WafflerSam: veeery close
vsbkainenable: spiffy...
WafflerSam: it would've been finished months ago, but my comp crashed and i didn't feckin' save
vsbkainenable: ahh...
vsbkainenable: ok..
vsbkainenable: what do we still need to work out?
WafflerSam: at the same rate i'm working on VSB, btw, I'm also doing a solo project on a separate game...
WafflerSam: well, we need to work out the deaths of our nemesis, the ending...
WafflerSam: ...and we need much more pictures from the artist
vsbkainenable: ahh right...
vsbkainenable: well we need to hammer out the full plot before we can request more pictures
WafflerSam: enter Norimaki stage left
WafflerSam: then after we've got the pictures and scripts worked out...
vsbkainenable: wasnt it decided that we were going to re-program cyber vohaul to be nice?
FredOlzn: what if we cloaked the flagship that blows up StarCon?
WafflerSam: if we re-programmed cyber Vohaul, most likely he'd find a way to get back to his old self
FredOlzn: a pair of missiles just appearing from nowhere and THEN the flagship appears
vsbkainenable: well why dont we make that a cut-scene..
vsbkainenable: with the mistles saying detonite on them...
WafflerSam: Olzn, the whole idea was that Roger contacted StarCon, but a missile erupted from the Radon base and destroyed the StarCon flagship
vsbkainenable: maybe also "have a nice day, love vohaul" scrawled over them..
WafflerSam: StarCon would lose control to the flagship, then their station would be destroyed too
WafflerSam: cruise missile assault
FredOlzn: no, i think Vohaul's ship should destroy StarCon
vsbkainenable: well maybe vohaul should just target a message relaying satellite
WafflerSam: and then we say "Adios, Stellar, Dorff, Chesbro, company..."
FredOlzn: Xenon and Radon would be pretty far away from each other
FredOlzn: Stellar would die?
WafflerSam: let's say Radon was one of Xenon's moons
FredOlzn: yes... then Roger would be angry... and be tempted to kill off Vohaul!
FredOlzn: it just might work!
WafflerSam: but then Bea would get angry at Rog
WafflerSam: and then everything would fall apart :-D
FredOlzn: like Troels said, this would be a completely platonic relationship
FredOlzn: but some interpreted it as Roger's new love
WafflerSam: i remember Akril commenting on a platonic relationship
vsbkainenable: meh... lets blow her up...
FredOlzn: well, it's a good idea
FredOlzn: it would be a reason to make Roger so angry that he'd screw everything to kill Vohaul
FredOlzn: and then when Bea gets kidnapped, he's really pissed
vsbkainenable: hmm
FredOlzn: well, i mean "motivated for adventure" ;-)
WafflerSam: yes, and perhaps at the end of SQ7.5, he would get pissed even more when he's framed for the destruction of StarCon property
WafflerSam: Roger's Mallard was probably around at the time, and the missiles could send a shockwave to it, making it crash down to Radon
WafflerSam: suddenly, everything pieces together...
FredOlzn: no, it has to happen while they're on Romanticon
FredOlzn: they contact StarCon in order to warn them about Vohaul's revival, but they fail
WafflerSam: my plan was to have Roger and Bea go to the StarCon station, remember that their lines are jammed
WafflerSam: perhaps from a previous crisis in SQ7

[changing topics to the moon of Radon, Radon. Apparantly, Waffler thought that Radon was a moon itself, which it isn't]

WafflerSam: you mean there's a moon of Radon, which is a moon of Xenon?!
FredOlzn: no
WafflerSam: RADON MUST BE THE SIZE OF A...a...pint!
FredOlzn: Radon is NOT a moon
WafflerSam: well, I vote that Radon is either a moon or a very close neighboring planet
FredOlzn: it is a planet
FredOlzn: possibly near Xenon, but a planet
FredOlzn: i g2g
FredOlzn: bye
WafflerSam: after all, Vohaul wants to do his devious deeds nere Xenon..bye
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.

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Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
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Post by olzen » Tue Apr 15, 2003 10:31 am

FredOlzn: there. i made the first version of the new intro
vsbkainenable: the plot?
vsbkainenable: i saw you posted our chat conversation..
vsbkainenable: theres alot of good info in there
FredOlzn: no, just the intro cutscene
FredOlzn: yes, some of it is pretty good
FredOlzn: though i didn't include the "Lines are busy" line yet. i'll do that later
vsbkainenable: the dialed station has been destroyed. please try again later!"
vsbkainenable: i really like that one..
FredOlzn: well, i'll add that
vsbkainenable: thast hillarous just the way it is..
FredOlzn: but Roger does get a bit mad when he learns that Stellar has been blown up
FredOlzn: or a bit... he freaks out, actually...
vsbkainenable: do we have to blow steller up?
vsbkainenable: that was a joke kinda :-)
FredOlzn: it would motivate him to find Vohaul
vsbkainenable: but how do we know she was blown up..
FredOlzn: WE don't
vsbkainenable: well then how would roger know?
FredOlzn: she could've escaped, but Vohaul THINKS she has been blown up, and he provokes Roger by jamming the Comm signal and saying it to him
FredOlzn: like "StarCon is no more. Incredible what rockets can do, isn't it? Goodbye, miss Santiago..."
vsbkainenable: hmm
FredOlzn: but she could've escaped. like the destruction of Alderaan in Star Wars, there are always survivors
vsbkainenable: do ya think we should have steller there?
FredOlzn: in the game?
vsbkainenable: yeah...
FredOlzn: i'm trying to avoid it
vsbkainenable: i mean we already have alot of people..
vsbkainenable: ok
vsbkainenable: lets keep her out of it..
vsbkainenable: i didnt think it was a great idea anyway..
FredOlzn: saying that she has been blown up, isn't really the same as including her
FredOlzn: but i'm one of those who thinks that Stellar and Roger are merely friends!
vsbkainenable: i dont even think vohaul even knows who steller is
FredOlzn: an evil megalomaniac has his sources
vsbkainenable: heh..
vsbkainenable: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
vsbkainenable: i just had an idea
FredOlzn: say it already!
vsbkainenable: something that would explain everything..
vsbkainenable: the whole situation..
FredOlzn: yes?
vsbkainenable: and work what we were talking about up to this point into the game..
vsbkainenable: ok here goes..
vsbkainenable: he contacts starcon to warn that vohaul is back...
vsbkainenable: but halfway throught the transmission he gets cut off by vohaul..
FredOlzn: that's what i've done so far
vsbkainenable: vohaull has taken over the communications sattelite and is transmitting a message..
FredOlzn: that's what i imagined
vsbkainenable: esentially saying that he is holding the entire planet xenon hostage for one Bisillion buckazoids..
vsbkainenable: you like we were talking about before..
FredOlzn: hmmm... yes
FredOlzn: but wouldn't it be a messy plot?
vsbkainenable: then mention, that he is going to blow up the communications stellite so xenon cannot call for help
FredOlzn: keeping Xenon hostage, getting rid of Roger and using Detanon on other planets at the same time?
vsbkainenable: then we get the message it has been destroyed
vsbkainenable: he can have 2 plans right?
FredOlzn: hmmm... yes
FredOlzn: that would work
vsbkainenable: he tried to off roger because he seemed to always foil his plans...
vsbkainenable: then carry out his diabolical plan
FredOlzn: yes. it would be good...
FredOlzn: i'll add that later!
vsbkainenable: wicked...
FredOlzn: i g2g now. bye
vsbkainenable: ats cool that we got all that worked out..
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.

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