The Earliest Material

Released information from various stages of VSB's development.
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Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
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The Earliest Material

Post by olzen »

Before kainenable took over as teamlead and got us a proper server and a forum, Team VSB as led by me (then referred to as "SludgeSoft") would communicate via e-mails. It was a fairly shoddy form of communication - the team mates would e-mail their stuff to me for consideration, and I would either approve it and archive it, or tell them to do it differently. More than often, I also ran it past WafflerSam and Eegah via AIM where we carried out a lot of discussions about the writing.

I have since lost a lot of the old stuff, but back in Q4 of 2002, I burnt out a CD-R with everything we had at that point, just to have some sort of back-up. To my knowledge, this is the earliest surviving material from "Vohaul Strikes Back." Over the next couple of days, I am going to release the contents of that CD-R in this thread. The VSB you are going to get a glimpse of here is very different from the final product. Watch this space :)
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.
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Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
Posts: 2132
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Re: Early Material

Post by olzen »

The first thing I am going to release here is version 1.1 of VSBinfofile.txt. Whenever a script was deemed final, I would paste it into this document so we would eventually have a complete outline of the game. When this version of the document got compiled, we had made it into Vohaul's fortress.

I have censored out the members' individual e-mail addresses, which were also written down in this document. Otherwise, pretty much everything is exactly as it was back in 2002, including the formatting, shoddy grammar, lack of comprehension of the team members' nicknames and surreal puzzle design. Enjoy!
(instead of the now unusable sqfangame.txt)

CHANGES FROM 1.0: Silly me. Version 1.0 had many plot errors and inconsistences (also a few typo's :-). They have been corrected. Of course, I'll add and edit the scripts as they comes in, but I haven't got a single new script yet... Strange ;-)

NOTE: To read this file, maximize Notepad and turn on word wrap.


Frederik "olzen" Olsen.................Director
Samuel "Waffler" Lawson................Writer
Vigeant "Eegah" Slider.................Writer and Webmaster
Tim "Turtlewax" Sisson.................Programmer
Michael "Norimaki" Ecke................Artist
Martin "Marty McFly" deMontfort........Artist
Robert "Shockwave" Bäckman.............Composer


AGS, Adventure Game Studio []. Currently, VSB is being developed for Windows, but a DOS version might be available later on.


The VSB website is located at


One of Vohaul's apemen has found a floppy disk in the future (Space Quest 12) that contains the mind of Vohaul himself. Scientists of Vohaul's secret base on planet Zanon (in Space Quest 7½) have recently developed a cyborg of Vohaul. They only need the floppy disk with Vohaul's mind on it. The apeman brings it to the VSB timezone, and Vohaul is resurrected as a cyborg. Meanwhile, Roger Wilco's on a date with his wife, Beatrice Wankmeister. She has revealed that she is pregnant, when they are attacked by a horde of apemen, sent by Vohaul. Roger and Bea manages to fight the apemen. Roger interrogates a dying apeman. The apeman tells Wilco about the secret base on Zanon and the Vohaul cyborg, before he dies. Wilco travels to Zanon together with Bea, but when orbiting the planet, the ship is hit by some sort of laser ray, and the ship crashes. However, both Roger and Bea survives. Roger sets out to explore while Bea stays with the ship. When Roger returns to the ship, Bea has been captured by apemen led by Captain Quirk, Vohaul's new sidekick. As Roger Wilco, the player must explore Zanon to find Vohaul's base. After the player finds the base, Roger must find a way to destroy Vohaul, save Bea and escape. In the ending, Bea gives birth to Wilco's son, which is named Roger Wilco Jr. after his father. And about Vohaul... One of his last apemen manages to save the disk from the destroyed Vohaul cyborg, and send it to the future, in a box labeled "Leisure Suit Larry and The Plague From Space" (else, there would be no virus on the Xenon supercomputer in Space Quest 12, and there could be no Space Quest 4).


Roger Wilco
Beatrice Wilco
Sludge Vohaul
Raemes T. Quirk
Fester Blatz
Apemen soldiers
Spike? - I thought I'd be cool to see Roger's little critter again, but I'm not sure. Tell me what you think!


Here are the scripts. I've inserted them in narrative scene order to make things easier. We'll start from the beginning...


(the title and the credits of the game are shown, and the theme is playing. after the title and credits, the intro continues)

(black background. goofily ominious red text...)

Somewhere.. in the not too distant future.... in Space Quest 12..

(janitor apeman is cleaning up Vohaul's old fortress, there is a floppy on
the ground)

APEJANITOR: Doodly.. doodly.. dooo.. Stupid evil genius lord, always leaves
a mess in the end. Who's the clean up all the debris after the explosion?
It's never HIM! (pause) (notices disk on floor) Hey, what's this?

(picture of apeman examining disk, the disk is labeled: Vohaul Back-up,
Please Do Not Release On Unsuspecting Public )

APEJANITOR: The Great Ape Lord, it's Vohaul! I have to do something!

(APEJANITOR goes to a time pod, conviently placed nearby)

APEJANITOR: (pushing at random controls) Okay.. lets see here.. Timepod..
going to... Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back..

(timepod vanishes)

(timepod appears in the center of a room full of apemen in soldier uniforms,
the room itself is dark and ominous, like Vohaul's fortress. however, there
are a few tire swings in the background and a few ropes hanging from the

(an APEMAN CAPTAIN dressed in red approaches the ship as the door opens)

APEMAN CAPTAIN: Janitor 1138! What in the name of Doctor Cornelius are you
doing here?

APEJANITOR: Oh High Lord Captain, who I am too humble to even bow down
before.. well, maybe because of the backpains I've been having lately but

APEMAN CAPTAIN: Enough 1138.. what is the meaning of this?

APEJANITOR: I found... (reaches into pocket and pulls out banana peel) THIS!
(pause) I mean.. (pulls out disk) THIS!

APEMAN CAPTAIN: What is this.. wait a second.. is this..... it can't be! But

(lots of 'ook' dialog bubbles poping around the room and if it's possible
some of them are jumping up and down)

APEJANITOR: What are we going to do with him?

APEMAN CAPTAIN: We are going to do something we should of done a while ago.
We here at the Ape-Labs (TM) have been developing a incredibly powerful
robot, something that the great leader deserves. Now, with this disk, we can
make the robot.. LIVE!

APEJANITOR: On primetime?

APEMAN CAPTAIN: Not that kind of live. Idiot.

(black screen.. red letters)

A few weeks later on the secret base...

(Robot is lying on a table, an apeman scientist is looking over him.
There is a window in the background)

SCIENTIST: And now.. I will give him.. LIFE! (In the window there is a

(the SCIENTIST inserts the disk in the robot)

(the robot's buttons begin to blink, and two red dull "eyes" begin to

VOHAUL: Wilco... will... PAY!

SCIENTIST: Oh Ape Lords, not again...

(Text Box: Meanwhile in the same game.. Our hero Roger Wilco and
his wife Beatrice Wankmeister are at Romanticon-7 having a darned good time,
and are currently having dinner at the Pie-ery, a restaraunt where every
single meal is in pie form.)

(Inside restaurant, Roger and Bea are sitting at a table enjoying a few
drinks and eating pie)

ROGER: And then I said, no way, there's NO WAY I'm cleaning that off!

BEA: Uh huh.

ROGER: So, uh, do you have any funny stories? I'm all out!

BEA: Well, there was this time I was hanging off a ledge and.. oh never

ROGER: Really? That is incredibly interesting!

BEA: What?

ROGER: Your story.

BEA: I didn't really say a story.

BEA: You know, Roger...

ROGER: Yes, honey?

BEA: Remember that little "accident" we had a little while ago?

(the head of an apeman peers in, unnoticed by ROGER and BEA)

ROGER: You bet! (winks to the player)

BEA: Well... I think you got a little too close... Roger. I'm pregnant.

ROGER: Oh... I love you Bea!

BEA: I love you too, Roger!

APEMAN: Aww.. how romantic.

BEA: Hey, this is a serious moment, don't make fun of it Roger!

ROGER: That wasn't me!

(a group of apemen rush in, Bea pulls out a blaster, Roger pulls out his
golden mop, which he whacks apemen over the head with)

(They are victorious, most either run out or are dead, one lies on the
floor, with its hand in the air..)

ROGER: Hey! We didn't kill this one yet!

BEA: Don't kill him, he may have information about what the heck this whole
thing is about!

ROGER: Oh.. yeah.

BEA: You! Apeman! What the heck is this whole thing about?!

APEMAN: Vohaul.. he.. is still alive..






BEA: Roger, shut up.

ROGER: Yes dear.

BEA: Now.. where is this Vohaul?

APEMAN: He is on the planet Zanon!



ROGER: Uh. Sorry. So, uh, he still mad at me?

BEA: Well, who is this Vohaul guy anyway?

ROGER: An old "friend". Well, I bet it's just a misunderstanding.. I mean, sure I did foil his plans quite a few times.. but I mean, that's the sort of thing that people best get

APEMAN: Shut up, and let me tell the whole story! Our ape-scientists has just finished a incredibly powerful cyborg. The only thing it needed was a mind. We have uploaded Vohaul's brainwaves to the cyborg... You will never win, Wilco... (the apeman dies)

BEA: So what do we do now?

ROGER: Well, didn't he mention a planet named Zanon or something? I think we should pay it a visit.

(planet zanon seen from outer space, the aluminium mallard flyes towards it. suddenly, the ship is hit by a big laser beam. the aluminium mallard gets out of control and crashes on the planet.)

(start of game...)


Screen ONE Rough Draft: Note, since this *is* the rough draft I haven't
hammered out all the puzzles to happen, so some inventory items may end up
in subsequent revisions.

SCREEN ONE: Crashed Aluminum Mallard

(There is a smoldering Aluminum Mallard sticking out of a snow drift) A door
opens up and Roger slips out and falls onto the snow. Bea walks out with
considerable dignity)

Dialog/text first time enter scene

TEXTBOX: Well, Roger, here you are on an planet somewhere in the middle of
time and space, here to destroy a evil robot which you have foiled two
times. As your narrator and advisor, I think you had better get to
destroying Vohaul. Just a hint.

BEA: Alright Roger, you scout to the east, I'm going to stay with the ship.

SCREEN ON FIRST ENTRANCE: Besides the ship has a bit of
smoke coming out of it.

TALKING TO SELF: Hello, my dear mr. Wilco
Ah, what a pleasure, mr. Wilco
What do I think I should do?
I don't know, but I might as well explore this planet a little
Brilliant idea I got there, mr. Wilco!
Why thankyou, mr. Wilco!

LOOK AT SHIP: Your once beautiful ship, well, recovered from the garbage
ship, is now sticking out of the ground smoldering. Good job!

HAND ON SHIP: You pat the ship, to congradulate it on a job well done.

FIRST TIME MOUTH ON SHIP: Okay Rog, figure this out, this is an *ICE* planet
and you want to put your mouth on a METAL ship. Think things through.

SECOND TIME MOUTH ON SHIP: Don't attempt to humor me. Just continue the

THIRD TIME MOUTH ON SHIP: Boy, you really like rubbing the narrator the
wrong way.

FOURTH TIME MOUTH ON SHIP: (Roger goes to put tongue on ship) DEATH: Picture
of Roger with tongue stuck to ship. 'I warned you several times, but you
didn't listen'

LOOK AT SNOW: You are somewhere in the many snow fields of the mysterious
planet Zanon.

HAND ON SNOW: It feels cold.. and distant.

MOUTH ON SNOW: Mmmm.. Snow-a-lious


(first remarks before tree)

ROGER: Hey Bea.

BEA: Hello Roger.

1. So, uh, what are we doing here?
2. How about a quick kiss before I leave the screen?
3. Um. Nothing.


ROGER: So, uh, what are we doing here?

BEA: You have alzheimers? We're
here to find Vohaul and kill him!

ROGER: It seems almost too simple.

BEA: Yeah. And Roger, you have to go to the east and get an idea of where Vohaul's Fortress is.

ROGER: Check.

BEA: Any other questions?

(go back to beginning, minus the first option)


ROGER: How about a quick kiss before I leave you?

BEA: Roger, I'll pretend that you didn't say that.

ROGER: Er.. I'll just go scout that fortress out now.

BEA: You do that.


ROGER: Um. Nothing.

BEA: Okay.



BEA is standing next to the Aluminium Mallard. Suddenly, she hears a branch creaking
BEA : Roger? Is that you?
QUIRK and the APEMEN appears, one of the APEMEN shoots at BEA, but he misses.
QUIRK : You fool! I told you not to shoot! You know Doctor Vohaul want her alive!
BEA : Captain Quirk?!
QUIRK : What is it, mrs. Wankmeister?
BEA : How can you... But... you're dead!
QUIRK : Dead? I'm standing here in front of you. In blood and flesh!
BEA : But... the blob...
QUIRK : Oh, yeah! That's right. Well, let me tell you what happened:
Although it was an impressive explosion your boyfriend managed
to pull off, it wasn't enough to get rid of me! No, I was torn
into hundreds of slimy little pieces. Finally, I managed to put
myself together again. I floated around in space for months, looking
for a place where I could live. One day, I got sucked into an Electro
Magnetic Storm. It threw me right into this time zone. The good doctor
Vohaul found me and gave me my human body back, but he wanted something
in return...
BEA : Your toupée?
QUIRK : Grrrr... (cools down) No, not my toupée (which IS made of real hair, by the way).
He wanted me to fight by his side. I said yes, became leader of Vohaul's army. You
know the rest.
BEA : You know WHY he chose you as leader of his ape-army?
QUIRK laughs.
QUIRK : My superb intelligence, my irresistible charm, my super-charisma or my incredible physical skills?
BEA : No... Because you ARE an ape!
APEMEN begins the laugh. QUIRK is obviously humiliated. He becomes red in the face
QUIRK : ENOUGH! Take her to Vohaul. He'll decide her fate, but I hope that he'll choose a horrible death!



RETURNS TO SCREEN: (Bea is gone, and there are a lot of footprints on the ground)

ROGER: Bea?! (pause) Bea?! (pause) This isn't my day.

LOOK AT FOOTPRINTS: Army boots... Lady shoes and... An iron boot? This is suspicious...

HAND ON FOOTPRINTS: You can't take them with you. Besides, they aren't neccesary.

SNIFF FOOTPRINTS: Hmmm... You can make out the smell of banana and... Bea's parfume!



Screen TWO Rough Draft: Once again, no final puzzles as well as some missing
inventory and such.

SCREEN ON FIRST ENTRANCE: An icy cliff looking at the base. EXIT to the WEST
(back to SCREEN ONE)

(dialog on first entrance)

ROGER: Well, this is great. Stuck here on an ice planet, an evil genius out to get me
(again, you would of thought he would of moved on by now!) and I really have to pee. I mean, there isn't anything worse than this.

LOOK AT SNOW: It's white and fluffy like your dandruff.

TOUCH SNOW: Watch out Roger, it's Galzarian Death Snow that burns off hands.

ROGER: Really?

TEXT: Nah, I was just joking, it's plain snow.

MOUTH ON SNOW: Now if you added some grape flavor it'd be the perfect treat!

LOOK AT ICE STRUCTURE: You must admit that this doesn't look threatening at all.
Actually, this structure reminds you of ice cream!

TOUCH ICE STRUCTURE: Unless you get some sort of radioactive mutation,
this whole touch the big ice thing isn't gonna work.

MOUTH ON COMPUTER CONTROL: The only person (besides Leisure Suit Larry, of
course) who you've seen get their lips that far was your Aunt Geraldine when
she squeezed your cheeks and commented on how cute you were. A lot has

LOOK AT SKY: Look in the sky! It's a.. wait, no it isn't.

TOUCH SKY: It feels like the sky.

MOUTH ON SKY: Roger, it isn't going to work unless you get the corrective


Repeat some of the previous events. E.g, when Wilco looks at the sky.

LOOK AT FOSSILE: It's the huge fossile of an ancient, extinct Zanon critter.

TALK TO FOSSILE: He's been dead for over a million years now. He can't talk.

TONGUE ON FOSSILE: YECH! That's just disgusting!

SNIFF FOSSILE: He lost his smell a long time ago.

LOOK AT FOSSILE EYE: Hmmm... It looks like a cave entrance.

HAND ON FOSSILE EYE: You take the chance, and climb down the fossile eye.

(Roger climbs down in the caves)

TONGUE ON FOSSILE EYE: I must admit that I do find you a little sick sometimes...


ROUGH DRAFT: In the Caves

If Timer = 1 minute then
NARRATOR: It's getting mighty cold in here, Roger Wilco. Not even your Starcon standard issue
FreezeFree suit is keeping you comfy. Better move.

If Timer = 2 minute then
ROGER freezes to an icicle.
NARRATOR: Well done, Roger! You've become a janitor-in-an-icecube...permanently!
DEATH MESSAGE: Thanks for playing Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back, you really broke the ice!


LOOK: Ice Wall
Narrator: That's an ice wall. You'll see plenty of these on Zanon, Rog.

Roger: It's that ice wall. Weren't you paying attention?

TOUCH: Ice Wall
Narrator: The ice wall feels cool to the touch. After all, it IS ice.

SNIFF: Ice Wall
Narrator: Add some grape juice, and a cone, and you've got a tasty

LICK: Ice Wall
Narrator: Oh no.
Narrator: This always happens. Everyone licks the ice wall here on Zanon.
Narrator: Please, Roger. Be a REAL citizen and STOP LICKING ICE WALLS!
Narrator: I'll let you off this time, but next time, Wilco.
REWIND to before you licked the Ice Wall.

Narrator: Sorry, Roger. You've licked it one time too many. YOU'RE STAYING THERE!
Screen fades to black
Narrator: Time passes...
Screen goes back to ice caves
Roger is an icicle with his tongue stuck to the wall
Death Message: I warned you not to lick that wall, but DID YOU LISTEN? No! You had to do it AGAIN!


HAND: Pool
Roger dives into the cold pool.
Roger surfaces as an ice cube.
Death Message: Thanks for playing Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back. You've really broke the ice!
Roger dives into the pool...but lands in a giant cave anchovy's mouth.
Death Message: You've made a good meal for the anchovy, shark prey.


Roger takes a sip of the cold pool
Roger: AAAAGH!
Death Message: First the wall, now the pool?
Roger takes a sip of the...giant anchovy?
Anchovy: CHOOOOMP!
Death Message: You've made a good meal for the anchovy, shark prey.


LOOK: Pool
Narrator: The shimmering pool of liquid crystallis makes you want to just
jump in, or give it a lick to replenish your thirst.
Narrator: Maybe it would be wisest if you didn't do either of those things,
and instead just walk away from the pool without minding any business about

Narrator: The smell of ice-cool, mountain-fresh water tempts you to take
a drink.
Narrator: But I'm the narrator, and narrator says
you can only do that by licking the pool itself.


If Roger reaches end of cave then
Spewter slogs in
Narrator: Holy cow! It's a slimy Zanonian Spewter! One of the most poisonous
creatures on Zanon! You found that out by reading The Creature And I.

LOOK: Spewter
Narrator: It's a Spewter, by the looks of it. You don't want to see these
guys. They're so poisonous even holding your nose won't work against

SNIFF: Spewter
Narrator: Yuck!
Roger's face turns green and he falls on the floor, then he stands back up.
Narrator: You got lucky this time.
Roger: kaaaaaaaahgghghghgh
Roger falls flat on the floor.
Narrator: This time you weren't so lucky to get close enough to these guys.
Death Message: Hopefully, Spewters don't eat least no janitors
I know that survived. ;-)


LICK: Spewter
Narrator: The price is too ugly, I'm not going to try and let you do that.

HAND: Spewter
Narrator: The price is too ugly, I'm not going to try and let you do that.

GIVE: Spewter: Leftover Sandwich
Roger tosses the sandwich to the Spewter.
Spewter: Mmmmm!
Spewter munches the sandwich then leaves the cave.


Now you'll start getting near the Military Camp because there's lots of signs and barbwire. If you hear Apemen, quickly leave the screen. When you get close to the camp, you'll find out that it is heavily guarded with barbwire! However, he can find a way in. Head over to the electronic door. Now you head straight to a puzzle.

You press on some buttons on a keyboard to write one big word like "SLUDGEVOHAUL" or "DESPOTISM". You only have 30 moves before the gate fries you. Once the door opens, Roger will head forward but trip on a trapdoor.

Possibly access codes:



You're surrounded by Apemen when you drop down. Some interrogate you but they are mostly dumb. They go off to check with Vohaul to find out what to do. They leave you behind, what a laugh!


APEMAN 1: Okay, human. As you can see, there is no escape for you. You will have to tell us everything. Why you are here, and what you were doing in the sewers.
ROGER : I'm not gonna tell you anything!
APEMAN 2: He's not gonna tell us anything!
APEMAN 1: You're only makin' it worse for yourself!
ROGER : I know nothing!
APEMAN 2: He knows nothing!
APEMAN 1: Cram it, you clown!
APEMAN 2: Cram it, you... Hey, that was not very nice!
ROGER : Aren't you supposed to interrogate me?
APEMAN 1: Hey, that's right, you know. We ARE supposed to interrogate him!
APEMAN 2: Yeah, but he says that he doesn't know a thing.
APEMAN 1: That's right! I guess we'll have to go and cross-check with the boss.
APEMAN 2: Nah, I've got a much better idea. Let's go and cross-check with the boss!
APEMAN 1: Please stay where you are, human. We'll be back in a few minutes.
APEMAN 2: You took the words right out my mouth, Alfonse.
APEMAN 1: No, it's YOU who took the words out of MY mouth, Cornelius!
THE APEMEN leaves ROGER alone.
ROGER : He, he! Idiots.


The sewer is really one big maze. If you deviate from a certain path, either Apemen catch you or you meet a not-so-friendly Spewter. So head South, then West, then South again and then West into a piston room. Perhaps use the acid drops technique for Roger to get through. Roger then heads South, then up the ladder.

I'm not going to spoil the game for you so use your own maze technique on this level. Once Roger gets to the end of this level, he goes to an elevator. He steps inside then pushes the UP button. Play elevator music. :-)



In the elevator, the tune playing is hauntingly familar. The SQ6 Elevator Theme, of course! Roger is standing with his back against one of the walls in the elevator. He begins falling asleep and dreams of the old days. These images/videos should be entirely new. Not just screenshots from the old SQ games. Norimaki and Marty could co-op on those. Here are some examples of what Rog could be dreaming

SQ1: Walking around in the corridors of the Arcada and hiding from Sarien soldiers.
SQ2: Walking around in a labionian swamp.
SQ3: Talking with Ken Williams and The Two Guys from Andromeda.
SQ4: Being saved from the Sequel Police by Roger Jr.
SQ5: Getting promoted.
SQ6: I dunno. I have never played SQ6, and it's driving me CRAZY! This leaves me open for your suggestions.

When the theme fades out, Roger wakes up.

NARRATOR: After a dream you'd like to experience again, you exit the elevator. New challenges waits ahead...

IF GAME IS FULL: (continue game)


(black screen, big red letters. End theme is playing)

TEXT: Congratulations! You have completed the demo of Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back! But what you have experienced is only a minor part of what you'll see in the final game! Remember to watch out for updates on our website !

After a minute or so, the text fades away, and a "death message" appear.


Picture: Roger waving. "Thanks for playing the Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back demo. We're looking forward to see you again!"

Below there's three buttons: Restart, restore and quit, but I suppose I won't need to explain those.


Roger leaves from here aboveground near the large Computer Control. He sees that a ship has landed and there are Apemen guarding it. Pick up a rock. Have the narrator bug you about how useless the rock is. Use the hand icon on the rock 6 times to pick it up. The narrator will also bug you and force you to pick up a dozen rocks. :-)


1st time:
That rock is completely useless. Leave it behind!

2nd time:
Really, it's totally useless. I mean, how are you gonna beat Vohaul with a rock?

3rd time:
Don't you have anything more appropiate to do?

4rd time:
Heck, that rock's not even a part of the game. You CAN'T pick it up!

5rd time:
Look, I'm soon getting really angry! Leave that rock alone or I'll blow your PC up!

6th time:
Okay, okay! Take the darn rock.

Got rock:
I can't understand that you've picked up that stupid rock. Well, if you like rocks THAT much, then take 'em all!

Use the Starcon jockstrap on the rock to turn both items into a slingshot. Monkey Island 3 fans will love this.

A sort of view comes where you aim a crosshair at Apemen. You shoot 4 Apemen and if they see you and get too close to you, you're dead. A sort of funny version of the cannon game in Monkey Island 3. If you run out of rocks, you're dead. Now, once these Apemen are done, you can slip into the ship. Here's two ways:

1) - Less points, but easier and less time-based

Roger looks at the ship. Once he sees an orange tab sticking out from it, push it to open up the engine compartment. Slip inside. The Apemen take you to the compound.

2) - More points, but harder and takes more time

This is for natural puzzle freaks. Get into the cockpit and look at it. Push the "POWER UP" button then look at the computer. Push the "INITIALIZE" button. The same kind of puzzle at the military camp gate. Perhaps use tougher words this time. Once that's done, you can push the "CONFIRM" button. Now you need to get the feel of the controls. There are two throttles. One throttle controls VAC, another controls HAC. Pull the VAC one back and then when you reach a point where you can see the C.C. Landing Bay, push the VAC back to the center and push the HAC forward. AUTOPILOT will take over and take you to the bay, leaving the Apemen behind!

However, the shuttle crashes just outside the building! There's an entrance, but you can't get in because of barbed wire and an impossible security system. Head left and you'll see an Apeman walking off the screen to the left again. Keep following him until you get to the west wing with a blue dude digging and an Apeman pointing a gun at him. Use the hand icon on him. A dialog box appears, asking you what to do.


Choose the fourth option, then watch as Roger runs to the boxes and kicks them. He ducks when the Apeman spins around, then crawls behind him and shoves him. Heh, what a simple puzzle. Now take the spade off the dude. He runs free! Hmmm, this guy could be pretty useful. Head to the front. You can dig on the snow but it would be rather useless.



ROGER attempts to dig at the snow.
ALARM goes off
ALARM SPEAKER: Security! We have a 18-39 at the gates! Use extreme force!!!
LASER fries Roger.
DEATH MESSAGE: Thank you for playing Vohaul Strikes Back.


Use the shovel and open the powerbox next to the security door. Pull out the shovel and just attack the powerbox with it. Everything security-wise will shut down and Roger can slip through the barbwire or open the portal. Walk to the front door and attempt to open it. Suddenly, the security system flickers back on and the lasers knock Roger unconscious!


ROGER is marched up to Vohaul.
VOHAUL: Hello, Roger Wilco. Surprised to see an old friend?
ROGER : No, not really, Sludge! Your cyborgian idendity has been revealed.
VOHAUL: Eh?! Oh, this isn't happening...heh, liar... I'll squeeze you!
VOHAUL walks towards Roger.
VOHAUL trips on the floor and wakes up a few seconds later.
VOHAUL: Stupid Antibiotic Cyborg Program!
ROGER : I guess you haven't got your Cyborg Legs yet.
VOHAUL: Grrrrr...
ROGER : Wh...


Roger finds himself in a cell, and there's an Apeman marching up and down the hall. Look at the cell aside him. Reach your hand through the window and Roger says he feels something small. Pick it up and retrieve a long stick.
Now use the stick on the jail bars. An Apeman trips and drops his raygun. Reach for it and grab it. Darn, only one shell! Use it on the bars to vaporise them, however, and you're free.
You have to be very careful. Head left on the screen you are now to enter a crosspath heading south and west. Don't move until you hear footsteps, then head south when you hear them. You'll enter another crosspath, this time in all directions. Head West quickly and you'll spot a security door. This leads to the War Room. Hmmm. Don't go in, the Apemen are still discussing their attack. Now go South. You'll enter a dead end, and you hear footsteps! You're in trouble...unless you can make it into that broomcloset. Get in quickly. Now get the Tintdex spray, and when the Apeman comes to a stop, quickly leave the broomcloset and spray him with some Tintdex.
Now search the blinded Apeman. Hmmm, he has a remote with just a button. Wonder what it does? Get back in the broomcloset and push the button. Now a funny sequence occurs.



APEMAN #1: And all the same, I think.
ALARMS go off.
APEMAN #2: What happen?
APEMAN #3: Someone set up us the bomb.
APEMAN #2: Okay, very funny. We better get to Vohaul right away. It may be an emergency!
APEMEN run out of the room through the War Room door


As soon as the footsteps go away, get to the War Room door and open up. Hmmm, it's rather dark. You'll need a flashlight. Who knows? There could be a laser trap. Head back to the hallways. Now you have everything to yourself, but most of the doors that lead to Vohaul's Compound are locked. They're not even part of the game. Just search through all the broomclosets until you find a book of matches. There's also a candle and a large plug cover in the other closets. Now return to the war room...and be careful.


ROGER lights the match/candle and sees hundreds of lasers
DEATH MESSAGE: Guess there's a reason why you should cover a candle.
DEATH MESSAGE: You can't just use a match in broad daylight, can't you?


Now put the plug cover on top of the candle and then light the candle. Voila! You have created a lantern! There sure are a lot of lasers. You could make a birds-eye view of a lazer maze, and Roger has to carefully walk between the lasers. Once he gets to the centre area look at the table.



ROGER nudges the console computer
You can move around for a bit until after 10 seconds. Around that time 8 Apemen snipers will come in and shoot you down.
DEATH MESSAGE: Janitors mess around with things, but this is over the limit.


There are currently no scripts from here.
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.
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Re: The Earliest Material

Post by olzen »

Ah, heck. I am going to do another update today, just to get most of the written material out of the way before we move on to the ancient eye candy. For some reason, this cutscene did not make it into VSBinfo.txt, but it pretty much follows the last scene in that document.

For some reason, I am still quite fond of Quirk as the henchman, though replacing him with an original character was definitely for the better. As far as I remember, I wrote this script myself. Do note the shouting - if we had gotten to do voice acting for this dramatic little nugget, I reckon most players would have gone deaf. As you can tell from the opening remarks, Quirk would have had his own little character arc. I think we ended up scrapping that in favour of killing him off in a fight scene, though. Oh well.
This cutscene explains why Quirk switches side in the end. It occurs just after Roger has exited the war room.

VOHAUL is discussing attack plans with QUIRK when the APEMEN enters the room
VOHAUL: What is it?
APEMAN #1: But... Weren't you under attack?
QUIRK : Under attack? What are you talking about?!
VOHAUL slaps one of the apemen
QUIRK : What about the ambassador?
VOHAUL: Kill her as well.
QUIRK : But, sir. I thought we agreed that...
QUIRK : *sigh* Yes... It is understood.
VOHAUL: Good! Now get on with it.
VOHAUL and the APEMEN leaves the room. QUIRK stands back, thinking.

(return to game)
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.
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Co-Lead; Producer, Composer, Director, Writer
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Re: The Earliest Material

Post by olzen »

Uh... right. I guess we have kind of crossed the boundaries for what can be considered "the next few days." Truth be told, part of the reason for the lack of updates here is that I have been put in charge (well, by myself) of implementing the voiced lines into the upcoming talkie version. And with less than 300 lines out of 8000 currently in the game, that is a rather time-consuming job.

I have actually been pondering whether this release should consist of backgrounds or sprites, but since this thread is all about the early VSB, I have opted for sprites. The visual direction in terms of characters was very different in "ye olden days." We had a German guy called Michael "Norimaki" Ecke doing sprites for us. He was working in 320x240 while Marty was doing backgrounds in ~640x480. We were going for a more vintage feel; visually, we were not concerned about making this game seem like a logical continuation of Space Quest 6. So without furder ado, here is the most interesting work from Norimaki that I have been able to preserve.

Image Image Image Image
Various views and animations of Roger Wilco.


Image Image Image
Wait, isn't that...? Yup, it's Quirk.
I still love this character design.

Originally, we were actually planning to have falling snow on "Zanon" by using this animation as an overlay.

I wish I had more of Michael's in-game work to post. I do remember that among other things, he drew and animated a nice dialogue portrait of Roger. Oh, well. I do have some very early promotional efforts of his to share, though.

Today, the tagline also reads as a fairly accurate description of the lives of Team VSB post-2002! Some fun trivia:
I do not recall seeing a finished Vohaul sprite by Michael. And yet, that is obviously his silhouette between Rog and Bea.

Is that an accurate depiction of Roger's personality or what?

The horns! This black and white drawing of Vohaul used to grace our first website.

Well, I hope you have appreciated the GIF-hell I have brought upon you here. Next up should be some of Marty's gorgeous early backgrounds. Finally, I have decided to unlock this thread. Originally, I figured I would keep this as a non-discussion repository, but on second thought, that kind of defeats the purpose of a discussion forum, no?

Till next time! :)
WARNING: Will often post redundant anecdotes about the history of the "Vohaul Strikes Back"-project.
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