Death list?

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Death list?

Post by flitch » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:28 pm

Could someone put up a list of ways to die?
Here's the ones I found:
1: Fall off of the cliff
2: Get shot by Merb after not hiding
3: and also after hiding with vacuum placed.
4: Get shot after not wearing mustache
5: Drank the tea...
6: Offered glass to Colonel
7: touched fence
8: Talked to colonel too much
9: Told Colonel about permit
10: Told Colonel about permit on clipboard
11: Tried to trick Colonel with permit not on clipboard.
12: Told Colonel camp failed inspection
13: fell in sewage
14: With penguin this time
15: Insulted Big guy's mom once too often
16: Didn't stop self destruct
17: deleted Lewdy
18: Touched librarian twice
19: Walked too close to guards
20: Showed glass to guards
21: Talked to guards
22: Showed something else to guards
23: Walked to the guard's left without getting "Close to cannon: screen
24: Tried to tell guards to ignore codes
25: Used incorrect code
26... and again, while in pod
27: Blasted by cat
28: With glass
29: Didn't use box while leaving Never's office
30: Used box while leaving Never's office
31: Used black box while leaving Never's office
32: Used flapless box while leaving Never's office
33: Talked to guards outside Never's office
34: Didn't answer guards outside Never's office
35: Touched smart bird
36: Touched dumb bird while smart bird was conscious
37: Tried to knock out dumb bird
38: Looked in evil monkey box before knowing he was in there
39: Zapped by Never
40: Used glass on Never
41: Used hair tonic on Never
42: Used extinguisher on Never
43: Tried to fight Never
44: Did nothing and let Bea get killed by Never
45: Showed random inventory to Vohaul (Not sure how many different deaths are possible, here...)
46: Touched Vohaul
47: Used glass on vohaul
48: Crushed by Mega-Vohaul's grudge
49: Fell out of nose
50: Took too long to get to safety after getting Squeegee back
51: Didn't scare spiders away before trying to kill Stain.

(Ooops) 52: Got too close to Spewter on surface
53: Didn't use gas mask in sewer
54: Used surgical mask without air freshener in sewer.
I'd like to see all of the deaths... I consider one different if they have different text... Ok?

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Re: Death list?

Post by Noctambulo » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:37 pm

Dare Vohaul to a puzzle contest... (it's in your Nr, 45, but more specific)

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