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Released information from various stages of VSB's development.
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Post by mjomble » Wed Jan 24, 2007 9:45 am

Datadog wrote:Is that in the general Furkunz area? I didn't see those lines before. In either case, they'd have to go.
Yeap, they're on a separate sub-page of Room/307 here: ... /307/Tents

They were written by a guy called eyeCoof when he was briefly on the team and it was probably just when I'd been constantly nitpicking about various things in the other scripts he'd written (probably the reason he quit :P) and I thought I'd let those be for the time being.
And I fixed two out of three comments by Justas.
Hmm, for the mouth thing, I was thinking he could take it off earlier, probably a line or two after waking up, so he'd have a different voice for as much of the 'nice guy' part as possible. I could edit that in on the wiki myself later if noone disagrees.
The exchange between Odster and Gofty still seems to sound right in my head, but it's better to imagine them as trying to kill time after having been enslaved, instead of showing signs of after-effects or joking around. Adding "go back" or "again" might fix it; "You wanna go dig in the mine again?"
How about "Wanna go back to the mines?" "Yeah, okay."
And I'm not too sure about the part where Bea throws the bouquet. I originally thought we could have her throw the flowers into the air ala 2001 and they could turn into the Mallard flying off, but that would be too SQ6, plus we used that puzzle already. I also thought she could just chuck them over her shoulder to Rodney and the prisoner could reach out the side of the screen and catch them first. Any ideas?
Hmm, I think the current one works. And the lawyer probably deserves a happy ending as well. Rodney's already got enough screen time as it is :P
"Man, we're gonna get so much pie when all these droids start coming back."

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Post by pcj » Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:40 pm

Datadog wrote:I don't know if we already have it set on "Fade In/Fade Out" but is there a way to override how the rooms dissolve into each other?

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