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Woo! 3 new characters - (Zaxxon, Monkeyman, Vohaul Robot)

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 1:22 am
by kainenable

Aryen Finished, the render to the right wasnt the finished one, i changed the tatto and lip color.


Generic Monkeyman Finished.


Vohaul is almost finished, just need to make his head all silver and shiny, eyes red and glowing, and add some robotic bits to his face.

Im working on dweeble, its tough slugging because ive run out of ideas for him. I kind of envision him as this 4 armed bounty-hunter, predator looking guy. I dunno, what his face should look like though.

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 10:25 am
by pcj
Looks good...

Good luck with Dweeble; I'm sure that whatever you come up with will turn out well.

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 7:12 pm
by Eegah
Holy mother of pearl

Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 10:22 pm
by kainenable

Just realized i posted the old ape pics. This is actually standard ape model.

I fixed alot of the texture problems, resized the arms, legs, and eyes.

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2003 7:12 pm
by pcj
The new models definitely look better.

Good job.